Out of all the countries that offer a citizenship by investment option, Bulgaria is by far one of the cheapest and easiest to maneuver in all of Europe. It is no coincidence that the Golden Visa program offered in Bulgaria is one of the most searched on the internet.

Bulgaria might not be the first country that comes to mind when you think of Europe, but I am here to tell you that it should be. There are many great benefits that come with owning a second passport in Bulgaria and you can enjoy all of them by making a simple investment.

In order to qualify for the Bulgarian citizenship by investment you must invest €512,000 EUR for the purchase of government bonds or whatever the current government program is. If you want the fast track option, which is highly recommended then the investment goes up to €1,024,000 EUR.

There are a few differences that come with the ordinary citizenship by investment option and the fast track one, the main one being the time it takes to become a citizen. The main one being the time to citizenship; with the ordinary one it takes about 66 months while the fast track option guarantees you a citizenship in only 24 months.

You can see that Bulgaria’s fast track option is the fastest one in all of Europe and one of the fastest one in the world. The best part about the citizenship by investment option is that the government bonds offered to foreigners are one of the safest investments around.

When you obtain a second passport from Bulgaria you get all of your money back and then some. This is a fantastic option that very few countries can match. Plus you get to take your whole family with you once you get your citizenship.

For many years this had been one of the major drawbacks for the Bulgarian citizenship by investment, but recent amendments have changed this completely. A foreign investor can apply for citizenship for his/her spouse one year after he or she becomes a citizen of Bulgaria. Before it was three.

bulgaria citizenship

Another recent change made was that the investor could only invest in government bonds to become a citizen. This change to anything from investments made in a hedge fund, venture capital, trade exchange funds, stocks, etcetera.

Just like all the other citizenship by investments out there, the investor must clear a background check and prove that all of his finances are in order. If the investor has a criminal record his application will not be approved.Those are the only main conditions that can make or break your application. You do not need to learn the language, live in the country, or take a cultural test.

Bulgaria is very relaxed and accepting of the investor once the money is transferred. There are other citizenship by investment options offered by Bulgaria, but the two I just mentioned are the fastest ones and the easiest to navigate. Take advantage and start reaping the rewards of a second passport from Bulgaria.